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Преместване БГ - Хамали и хамалски услуги Ladies and gentlemen of Plovdiv and Plovdiv region movers, from 10.05.2005 on pleased to introduce their services to you. As in all other major cities and population increases here and after we made the necessary studies, we decided it was time to get the present.
Хамали специалисти, хамалски услуги
хамали преместване

транспортни услуги от хамали
хамали и хамалски услуги, преместване на домове офиси, местене We areMoversBG, a professional moving company for home and office. We started our first steps in Sofia, where long gain experience and built a successful business strategy based on loyalty, responsibility and professionalism to our client. Do not think for head-aches, mess and concerns related to the relocation of your home and office, call the PREMESTVANE BG and we will take care of your moving smoothly. Has its own transport and packaging for a variety of benign transfer of your property, which can deliver locally to your own gift-wrap it or we can take this duties and make your maximum for a more easy removal. Let me introduce you briefly of the services we offer.

TRANSFER housing, offices and shops. Each activity over which works over time develops, expands and needs more space. Feel free to use our services on the move, we are always available.

INSTALLATION and dismantling furniture. When the time to move and experience trouble dismantling of the furniture, you do not worry, they will be dismantled by our experienced profesoinalisti and after their safe transportation to your destination that will be mounted again, the place you want.

Packing belongings with appropriate packaging. Do not worry more about the packaging of fragile objects and fine art and furniture for that fragile, we have different types of packages to ensure high quality and disposed transportirene.

TRANSMISSION and furnitures of household appliances, pianos, cases. Having problems with transport? Do not be concerned, our experienced workers will deal with solving your problem.

LOADING AND UNLOADING tirove. Experiencing difficulty? Call us. Our experienced hamali will unload or load, quickly and easily.

Cleaning Basement or ceilings. You place, wondering how to expand his small living space, a basement ceiling or are already overcrowded with old and broken items that do not use for years. Dealing with his calm, in the meantime, we'll take care of the clearing. Haul and disposal of construction waste and more. Not enough glavoboliyata arising from the repair, but should also think about the disposal of construction waste. Just pick up the phone and call us, we are the right people, specify the location. Without fines.

Team Movers.BG quietly moving your wishes!

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