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Преместване БГ - Хамали и хамалски услуги Already pleased to be present and Ruse. Birth place of many great Bulgarians, the city with unique architecture, one of the main road units of Bulgaria. We are a team of young, capable and hardworking people, we Movers Rousse, Partner of Movers.bg for Rousse.
Хамали специалисти, хамалски услуги
хамали преместване

транспортни услуги от хамали
хамали и хамалски услуги, преместване на домове офиси, местене Business and professional moving created before - years in Rousse, where grew, developing and improving care in the convenience of our customers. All residents of the city of Rousse and Rousse region can use our services on moving apartments and offices. You know that relocations can be difficult and associated with much work and stress, but that will change when we seek and use our services. There will Summarize activities engaged the movers.

TRANSFER of office accommodation, housing and shops in the territory of Rousse and the whole country by our hamali - professionals. Require careful and responsible move your belongings, popadnahte the right place.

Transportation of household appliances, pianos, crates, furniture. If you have trouble with relocating is not laden, hamalite us cope with the difficult tasks.

Disassembling and installation of furniture. When your time is moving on, change your furniture or just want to open more space but do not know how to deal with the problem. We understand and that included service in the list on our activities.

Providing DIFFERENT TYPES OF PACKAGING MATERIALS and packaging. You deliver that you spot a moving breakables no longer a problem for their safety.

If you do not have time to deal with packing your articles before moving, we'll send you hamalite to do unpleasant work.

Wrap fragile objects of art or furniture chuplivi, there is no room for concern, the teams are composed of professionals who will take care of your valuables, but still worry, we offer transmission and insurance assets.

Capacity - landings of wagons tirove, containers with all kinds of goods, trucks, Busses. Smooth, quick and quality service from our hamalite.

Cleaning ceilings and basement. Sell the flat and need to free the ceiling or the basement. The Movers will do unpleasant task for you.

Haul construction waste. Do not worry about municipal fines for disposal of construction waste, we're online does not need to think about other than repair it.

Moivers.BG team wishes you an easy and seamless transfer.

Phone: 070015545
E-mail: office@movers.bg

We are at your disposal at any time! It is sufficient only to our call our phone or send e-mail to the above - above address.

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