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Conservation and storage of baggage with Movers from Movers BG

Преместване БГ - Хамали и хамалски услуги The aim of all firms in the market of public services should be available to customers and to meet all their specific needs. In the services sector until recently there was a serious gap - where and how to organize the storage of belongings, furniture and other objects.
Хамали специалисти, хамалски услуги
хамали преместване

транспортни услуги от хамали
хамали и хамалски услуги, преместване на домове офиси, местене Rather than our company offers a new service - STORAGE OF PROPERTY. The nature of the service is in the opportunity we have close to customers when necessary to preserve for a while at the appropriate place certain objects - furniture, furnishings and personal belongings of all kinds.

We have a reliable, secure, guarded warehouse in a big Sofia. It our customers can leave for storage of all that is necessary for payment of reasonable prices. The time for the subjects and objects is unrestricted and depends only on the willingness of our client.

Many situations require you to have a secure place to store luggage. Where do capital repairs of the house need to export from home furniture and furnishings, not to be damaged and contaminated during construction activities. Sometimes departing abroad for a long time some people prefer our warehouse where they left furniture and objects, rather than pay expensive rents in accommodation. There are cases where postponed for a while construction of housing expected of us, we are prepared to advance its furniture and our only option is to leave everything in the warehouse for storage, where the stay of property and the furniture is smooth rate of not large amounts. Sometimes sell profitable house and we are not ready for a new moment, so we prefer to take advantage of the new service - Storing of items with paid stay at a reasonable price in guarded and secure storage.

If necessary, our company provides dismantling / installation of furniture, packing / unpacking, transportation, transportation, providing all packing materials and boxes and stored in a warehouse special escorted your belongings. All this is a complex of services that we can offer our customers to their lives in quiet and pleasant. YOU turn to us to resolve your problem STORAGE OF PROPERTY IN STORE Guarded!

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