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Преместване БГ - Хамали и хамалски услугиMOVERS BG is the leader of the Bulgarian market with long experience in providing movers and Moving. We've improved many quality and added new ones.

Scientists have shown that switching one environment to another leads to stress, even the departure of rest, but total removal especially for people who have not faced with this, except to water stress of moving to confusion and increase negative emotions.
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хамали и хамалски услуги, преместване на домове офиси, местене The question is "How to start?" And here our specialized company MOVERS BG offers technology transfer. Whether to move home or office, you must make advance planning for the implementation of a successful, efficient and easy removal. To reduce stress, will meet with several easy to follow steps that will help:


First, when choosing your hack our services should call our office and appointment of view of property for transportation. In carrying out the requirements to explain exactly what details will be transported. Our experts will consider whether furniture and belongings for dismantling. It's good to arrange inspections, not the day of moving, at least a day earlier to come prepared.


In standing question of whether you pack your own or choose our specialized packaging services.


If gift-wrap yourself, you can take advantage of the option boxes and packages that we offer to purchase the most convenient for you, packaging materials so as to keep the vessels when transporting them. Note that when begin packing his luggage, will you need at least two, three weeks for sorting and gathering belongings. Quick and easy:

Should we choose packaging services in fixed order establishes the amount of property transfer and packaging is done within one - two days, which is specified in a mirror.


In this option organize things so that movers us at least one package - two days before the date of transfer. If you move a high floor in advance to speak to domoupravitelya to keep the elevator on the day of transfer, and your new neighbors are advised to keep conflicts arise. It is recommended and maintenance of a parking space near the entrance of the building to enable movers and expeditious release of the remaining space and lift. Confirm date and time with the company to move.


Before packaging, even if it is done by movers - dispose. Discard unnecessary things. Over time, any place livable collected lumber, which he thinks would be in use, but this time never comes! Other things exports old and need replacing them with new ones. Do not take them with you. Remember that any move to the new location should be a new beginning, a clean start. If things disposal are bulky and heavy, and you can not deal with them or do not have time for this, our movers will do the most prohibitive task.

Experts appliances or not you need but are new, unused or simply do not want to izhvarlyate to donate blizki requiring relatives, friends or razprodayte auctioned. If such a situation and clothes from your closet, not thought about it, and visit the nearby nursery and do a good deed. Dispose of highly flammable materials such as: paints, lacquers, thinners, gasoline, kerosene, candles, matches, oil bottles filled with gas amonitsii and explosives. If things of this kind are not for Dumping, consider how you will arrange transportation to the new destination. Because of safety measures or hack a company level does not take packing, moving or storing highly flammable stuff.

No Wrap furniture and appliances, they will be packed by movers us, as you must remove the keys from the cabinets and wardrobes, to remove glass raftove; to remove "installed items, which will take with you as TV antennas or whatnot. And please tell when examined for the presence of objects requiring disassembly as: chandeliers, large glass coatings of tables and other furniture. Provide transportation and personal valuables, jewelry, documents, passports, medical documents, financial records, checks, insurance policies, wills, personal collections of coins, stamps and other valuable things for you. For your convenience packaging facilities - room by room, so you ticked off work more quickly and will have the results of a person. Remember to mark boxes which room they are, so I will help myself and the search and unpacking, and movers in transmission.

Set box for important things such as toiletries (toilet paper, brush and toothpaste, comb), medicines, glasses, utensils, cans can-opener, flashlight, screwdriver, pliers, kafevarka, coffee, canned food, prepare sandwiches and do not forget to label boxes, to be followed by a movers loaded and unloaded first. No flowers polivayte at least one day before the transfer to avoid wetting of the boxes and valuable things for you in moving from movers.

These steps We wish you an organized and successful move! Call us at any time to plan your peace together:

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